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The Filmmakers Workshop – Interview with Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut ASC

Hollywood Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut ASC interviewed by Adam Loretz from The Filmmakers Workshop. Kick back and spend a fun 43 minutes in the company of a true master of cinematography. Hear Shane’s feedback on his recent Illumination Tour, camera technology, choosing scripts, his current film, Fathers and Daughters and much more. View Video

MovieMaker Magazine – A-List Knowledge from Shane Hurlbut: The Inner Circle delivers on virtual mentorship for filmmakers

With a little diligence and resourcefulness, would-be students can access a world-class academic education right on their computers. However, when it comes to more specialized subjects such as cinematography, sifting through the chaff of amateur tutorials to find the kind of hard-learned, real-world knowledge that true professionals possess can be difficult—especially since many said professionals […]