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Post Magazine – Workflow: AMC’s ‘Into the Badlands’

The show was shot in and around New Orleans, and FotoKem’s (www.fotokem.com) studio there provided dailies services. Illya Laney, FotoKem’s dailies colorist, worked closely with cinematographer Shane Hurlbut to establish a series of LUTs that could be used on-set, and then as a starting point for the dailies color process. Read More

Wired – Into the Badlands Finally Brings Great Martial Arts to TV

Everything about Into the Badlands feels like a gamble. It’s a martial-arts show set in a post-apocalyptic, almost steampunk future. It features long, complicated fight sequences that incorporate heavy wirework, a la wuxia films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It’s even the first time that network AMC has ordered an original show straight to series […]

Story & Heart – 9 best storytelling blogs to read

This is an excellent blog made just for filmmakers by a very well known and respected filmmaker. Shane Hurlbut is a working Hollywood DP and cinematographer, and his blog provides readers a glimpse into a world so many dream of—filming big budget productions. Read More